Research and Development

Creating Innovative Parts for cars of the future

Component Technology Development

Car makers conceptualize “cars of the future” that will launch in five to ten years from now.

The parts that will make up these cars include functional requirements that existing technologies cannot cope.
To meet these demands, we must research necessary mechanisms and incorporate them into commercial products through "component technology development." In this process, we work together with the development departments of various car makers and make advancement with manufacturing techniques.

The latest product that resulted in our component technology development process is a type of grease specifically caters for the use in ball joint environments. This grease was researched and developed in collaboration with a lubricant manufacturer and was released at the end of 2015.

Technological innovations of this kind provide Somic competitive edge globally.


Tribology is a technical field that covers the phenomena of friction, lubrication, and wear produced on surfaces, as well as their mechanisms.

All kinds of car parts are exposed to friction and wear, and, therefore, tribology certainly is a major subject. The importance of tribology has become ever the more evident in recent years, and all car makers now incorporate this idea into their product designs. Tribology is closely tied to ball joints, and Somic Ishikawa is striving to enhance our understanding through in-house experiments and analyses, as well through collaborative research with various universities.

Somic Ishikawa is determined to strengthen research and is on our way to becoming the world's top ball joint maker.