President's Message

We will work to transform the manufacturing industry and supply products which support important people and memories with overwhelming reliability and quality.

World-wide crisis is rushing in one after another. How to survive this era is the greatest mission for us today.
It is expected that these risks will continue to increase and become more complex in the future, therefore business operations will be required to be able to respond to the risks.

Responding to the crisis requires refurbishing existing systems and transforming the manufacturing industry.
As a means to that end, we first reviewed the significance of the ball joint business and formulated a new vision and action guidelines.

We are strongly aware that ball joints are products that support important people and memories, and we aim to create a system that will continue to supply products with overwhelming reliability and quality for a long time.

Furthermore, by achieving carbon neutrality, we will increase the added value of our products, and by contributing to a sustainable society through new businesses, we will build a sustainable management system.

At SOMIC Ishikawa, we have flexibly organized special projects for various risks, and our employees have been working hard to solve them.
Going forward, we will continue to value the connections between people that we have inherited so far, and we will work together as a company to carry out new visions and action guidelines, and to respond resolutely to all crises that will arise.

SOMIC Ishikawa Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Saito Kaname