President's Message

Dreams connecting 100 years of Somic History

Somic Ishikawa established the ball-joint manufacturing in Hamamatsu City 100 years ago and celebrated its centenary in 2016. We are fully aware and most grateful to our customers, suppliers, and members of the community, many predecessors and company employees who are working together today. In welcoming this 100th year since our establishment, we have redefined the corporate vision with a desire to streamline the thought of each employee into one ideal as a first step in the coming 100 years.

Our new vision states, "value importance on human relationship, put our best efforts into contributing to society and create a company that we can be proud of." Somic Ishikawa has had produced many products and enhanced technologies and processes over the last century. "Person to person relationship" is what built the foundation of Somic Ishikawa after all is said and done. Somic did and will value relationships with customers, suppliers, communities and among employees because Ishikawa Tekko/Somic Ishikawa built its foundation on this. We are determined to succeed the proud tradition and therefore chose first words for the vision, "Value the importance of person to person relationship."

We also emphasize "Dream- YUME ." In May 1991, Ishikawa Tekko changed its name to Somic Ishikawa. Company name "SOMIC" is a word of our coinage consisting of Japanese initial letters,
namely "SO" of "Sozo- creation," "MI" of "Mirai-future" and "C" of "Chosen-challenge." Tree words make up a phrase of Somic corporate stance and its name, "Create a dream, and challenge the future." The first word in the phrase "Dream" is one we shall cherish at all times. We are in the Global situation of uncertainties, and we particularly who are engaged in manufacturing shouldn't give up on dreaming. I believe that each employee of the company should have a dream and in turn, the corporate vision should be a common manifestation of dreams. Better the realization of workers' dreams, the higher the business spirit.

By a curious coincidence, a word "Joint" from Somic primary product "Ball joints" also denotes "linkage/connection." I wish sincerely that Somic Ishikawa continues to place importance on people and tradition, carry on with our dreams, and build a company that we can be proud of, as we move on towards the next 100 years.

Masahiro Ishikawa
President & CEO Somic Ishikawa Inc.